Blog’s First Birthday

It’s been one whole year since I published my very first blog post and my blog has turned into more than I ever thought that it could be. I started this blog as a diary for myself as a way of preserving my memories so I could look back and remember all of the amazing things that I’ve done over the last year. I wanted to publish my stories on a blog so that my friends and family could see what I was up to, I never imagined that people who didn’t know me would read, like and comment on my stories and even follow me and my adventures. I’m so grateful to everyone who takes the time to read my blog posts and show an interest in my adventures.

I’ve had an amazing year, I’ve visited beautiful places, done some incredible things and met so many inspiring people. I’ve seen the northern lights and I’ve driven a snowmobile. I’ve been stuck up to my waist in snow, I got frost nip and I met the real Santa Claus! I travelled to a new continent and swam in the Indian Ocean. I saw a wild monkey, learned a traditional Santali dance and ate so much breakfast curry. I’ve gone from temperatures as low as -42c to as high as +42c and done so much more in between but most importantly I’ve made amazing friends that I will never forget.




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