Hello Autumn

Autumn is my favourite season of the year.  It’s the season of cinnamon, gingerbread and pumpkin spiced lattes. It’s the season where the crisp leaves start falling from the trees and the air smells of smoke. Smoky air in any other season would feel wrong, your first though might be ‘what’s burning’ and I don’t mean the smell of burned sausages on the barbeque. I was out searching for conkers today and the air smelled of smoke, the nice kind of bonfire smell. In the height of summer it might have been too overpowering a smell but in the crisp air the bonfire smell was comforting and warming, creating that autumnal feeling for the first time this year. Unfortunately, I didn’t actually find any conkers, apparently I was too late. All that had been left behind by the greedy squirrel or competitive school child were empty shells. I was never much of a conker player when I was younger but I used to love running through crunchy leaves on the way to school in the morning. The satisfaction that comes with crunching a good crisp leaf is on a par with popping bubble wrap and if we all did it more often there would probably be a little less stress and anger in the world.



This year I’m spending fall in America and I think if any country does autumn better than England it’s the USA, even if they do have a silly name for it! I’m looking forward to wrapping up in chunky scarves when I leave the house and warming my hands on seasonal drinks in decorated paper Starbucks cups, especially now that Starbucks in America have introduced almond milk in their stores! I’m looking forward to cosy nights wrapped up in blankets sipping on hot chocolates. I’m looking forward to crunching through leaves, hunting for conkers and baking autumnal treats with my little cousin. But mostly, I’m looking forward to the most Instagrammable season of them all!



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