Back in The Toon

When I graduated from Northumbria University in July 2015 and left Newcastle, I was convinced that I would be making regular trips back to my favourite city over the year to come. My friends still lived there, it was much better for shopping than Scarborough and I liked being there. I knew that I had hopes of travelling during the year ahead but I fully expected that, when I had some downtime between my trips abroad, I would return to my favourite city and not let Newcastle become the place where I used to live. In reality, I moved back home, then I moved to Finland. A few months later I came back home again, then travelled some more and I was busy. My friends were now in their final year of University, they had lectures to attend and dissertations to write. I’d met new friends while I was working abroad and, rather than returning to Newcastle, I visited my new friends because I was all too familiar with the dissertation stress that my University friends would be experiencing. I didn’t want to bother them during the crucial last few months of their degrees or take up the valuable floor space that would inevitably be covered by miscellaneous lecture notes and textbooks.

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