Kelly’s Scarborough Adventure

When I was living in Newcastle I was totally spoiled for choice with lovely places to go for tea, coffee or lunch with friends but now I’m back in Scarborough, where everything seems to be set up for either tourists or grannies. Scarborough has definitely been lacking in cafes and coffee houses appealing to my generation, until now. Yay Coffee is my absolute favourite new place to go for a hot drink in Scarborough. My best friend Amy introduced me to Yay Coffee in October, just before I moved to Finland, and I’ve been taking more of my friends there ever since I’ve moved back home. I love the atmosphere, the staff are so friendly and it’s just a nice environment to sit and chat over a hot drink. I find a lot of coffee shops (especially chains) lack the cosy feeling that makes you comfortable enough to sit and chill out for a while. Naturally, the first stop when Kelly came to visit for a weekend of post-dissertation sunshine was to head to Yay Coffee with Sophie and have a much needed catch up over hot chocolates. I can’t quite believe that I hadn’t seen Kelly for seven months which is an incredibly long time considering we used to live together and I’d get to see her beautiful face every day (creepily peeking around my bedroom door in the morning while I was pretending to be asleep)! The last time I saw Kelly was at a bus station in Prague in October and since then we’ve both been hopping all over the world.


The hot chocolates at Yay Coffee are delicious enough for me to never have actually had a coffee at this specialist coffee house! Their hot chocolates are made with real melted chocolate buttons in four different strengths of cocoa from white chocolate to really dark chocolate and we each chose a different colour hot chocolate. They all had beautiful leaf patterns on the top but because the colour of my white hot chocolate is so similar to the colour of the milk it doesn’t show up as well in the photo. I think I’ve tried all of the different flavours now and they’re all delicious, the dark chocolate isn’t too bitter and the white chocolate isn’t too sweet they’re all the perfect flavour. Sophie, Kelly and I all had so much to catch up on that our movie night that evening was a total write off as we were still talking into the early hours of the morning.


The next morning we went for a windy walk along South Bay Beach with Sophie’s dog Bella. Unfortunately, the tide was still much further in than we were expecting when we arrived at the beach so we went to grab a coffee in the hope that a bit more sand would be revealed by the time we were ready to set foot on the beach. Bella however, was feeling very impatient and excited about her walk so we went out to the small stretch of exposed sand right at the far end of the beach so she could have a run around. It was a very grey, cloudy and windy day and it did not feel like May at all but Bella seemed to be enjoying herself despite the miserable weather. We took it in turns throwing and kicking her little tennis ball along the sand for her to chase after. At one point I tried racing her to the ball but, despite her size, she’s pretty darn fast. It was absolutely freezing down on the beach and along with the cold wind blowing off the sea my ears and fingers were feeling the sting and that’s coming from someone who spent winter in the Arctic Circle! So, after a gentle wander up the cliffs, we retreated home to warm up with a cuppa and a biscuit. The views from the far end of South Bay are incredible; you can see all of the arcades, souvenir shops and ice cream parlours on the main tourist section of the beach with the Old Town behind sloping all the way up the cliffs to Scarborough Castle on the headland. The keep is all that’s left of Scarborough Castle. It’s the only building that’s visible from the beach and you can see it from miles up the coast. The majority of the rest of the castle’s buildings are either totally gone or have been reduced to knee high stone walls.


On Saturday, Kelly and I took the train to York for the day. We covered all of the main attractions of the city, such as passing under the city wall on the walk in from the train station, popped our heads into the Minster for a quick peek inside, had a wander down The Shambles (where, instead of admiring the architecture, Kelly bought a handbag) and finished off the day at the railway museum to kill a bit of time waiting for the next train home.

We had lunch at Filmore and Union which is my favourite place for lunch in York and my favourite place to pick up smoothies and muffins at the train station. The restaurant was very busy when we arrived but the waitress asked for my phone number and said she would call me when a table was available. I thought this was a great idea as the restaurant is tiny and there’s just no space to wait inside and instead of standing waiting for a table we went for a wander through the Minster gardens and they called me when our table was ready. I ate their veggie bagel with sweet potato, spinach, courgette and houmous which came with a side salad of rice, green pea pods and spring onion which was delicious and I had their slim down fresh juice with it and Kelly had the tagine and the guest smoothie of the month.




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