Sardines on a Bus

It’s been a while since I wrote my last blog post about India but I still have a tatty hand-written diary full of stories to tell. Today we’re having a #tbt Digha Beach in West Bengal and the six hour overnight coach journey which would take us there. We travelled overnight as it is undoubtedly much cooler on a bus without the midday sun beating down and the roads would also be quieter. The drive from Ranaghat to Digha took six hours and it didn’t even take us across the border of West Bengal. Although not all Indian roads are suited to smooth cruising at 70mph, if you consider how far a six hour journey would get you in the UK and compare it to the distance covered on the map of India below, it really puts into perspective the size of the country. Ranaghat is the red dropped pin on the map and Digha is a centimetre or two to the south west.


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Kelly’s Scarborough Adventure

When I was living in Newcastle I was totally spoiled for choice with lovely places to go for tea, coffee or lunch with friends but now I’m back in Scarborough, where everything seems to be set up for either tourists or grannies. Scarborough has definitely been lacking in cafes and coffee houses appealing to my generation, until now. Yay Coffee is my absolute favourite new place to go for a hot drink in Scarborough. My best friend Amy introduced me to Yay Coffee in October, just before I moved to Finland, and I’ve been taking more of my friends there ever since I’ve moved back home. I love the atmosphere, the staff are so friendly and it’s just a nice environment to sit and chat over a hot drink. I find a lot of coffee shops (especially chains) lack the cosy feeling that makes you comfortable enough to sit and chill out for a while. Naturally, the first stop when Kelly came to visit for a weekend of post-dissertation sunshine was to head to Yay Coffee with Sophie and have a much needed catch up over hot chocolates. I can’t quite believe that I hadn’t seen Kelly for seven months which is an incredibly long time considering we used to live together and I’d get to see her beautiful face every day (creepily peeking around my bedroom door in the morning while I was pretending to be asleep)! The last time I saw Kelly was at a bus station in Prague in October and since then we’ve both been hopping all over the world.

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