Meeting the Children and Exploring the Village

The night we arrived at Bethel House, after our perilous jeep journey (definitely not the worst mode of transportation I experienced in India), all of the boys were waiting to greet us but we didn’t get to meet the girls from Bethany Home until the next day. The girls are currently living in a rented building in the same village as the boys, about a ten minute walk away from Bethel House. They’re all very excited to be moving into the new Bethany Home which is currently being built around the corner from Bethel House. When the new home is ready Stepping Stones will be able to take in more than twice the number of girls that they have now and both Bethel House and Bethany Home will be able to give homes to forty children each.


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An Indian Adventure

When I first watched Jack’s Gap’s The Rickshaw Run, back in 2013, I could never have imagined that just a couple of years later I too would be in India, experiencing the chaotic madness that is an Indian road. If you haven’t watched The Rickshaw Run, I’ll link the first episode at the end of this post. One of the first things I noticed while re-watching the mini-series is that Jack and Finn must have chosen to show all of the ‘good parts’ of their journey through India and they even managed to make the Indian roads look reasonably civilised. They didn’t appear to find any cows asleep in the road, the sound of horns was barely audible, they had no near misses with any trucks or the back end of a cow and there wasn’t a single dead dog in sight!

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