A Day Beside The Seaside

As a pit stop between more exotic adventures, I spent a day in Brighton with Ashley, Jasmine and Millie before jetting off to Vienna for an Elfie holiday (more about that later). As it was raining in Brighton, we started the day with an early lunch at Foodilic, a healthy all you can eat buffet with so many vegetables! It was heaven for us girls but torture for Ashley! I was really impressed with the number of healthy, vegetarian and vegan food options in Brighton, both cafes and health food stores. I was feeling a little bit jealous that there’s nothing like that near where I live but then again it’s said that Brighton is the smaller seaside version of London so I should have expected it really!

It was still raining after lunch so we went for a wander around the lanes, popping in and out of all the little shops, only browsing of course, as my tiny suitcase was jam packed for our Elfie holiday the following day. I loved all of the little independent shops and found it really impressive to see so many small businesses thriving in such a compact area. I finally got to go into the Bluebird Tea Co shop where the sales assistant was so lovely and talkative and let us smell pretty much all of the different tea blends they had. One of the apple teas smelled so similar to Gloggi, which I haven’t smelled since Lapland! I think it was a winter apple flavour tea so it was fruity and also spicy but instead of picking out the different ingredients my mind just went ‘THAT’S GLOGGI’ and freaked out! We then had to explain to the sales assistant what Gloggi was and explain the whole Lapland elf sitch and how we all met. For anyone who hasn’t read my Lapland blogs, Gloggi is a sweet, fruity and cinnamony hot drink served in Finland and I lived off the stuff for the two months I was there. It was amazing to smell Gloggi again, even if it wasn’t the real thing and I’m definitely going to order some of that tea online for when I’m back at home! One of our last stops in the lanes was an old vintage shop called Snooper’s Paradise where Millie said it was tradition to take pictures in the photo booth so we all piled in and got some cute photos…


Once we had finished wandering the lanes and the rain had finally stopped we headed down to the sea, walked along the beach towards the pier and went straight into the arcades like the big kids we are. We played a round of my new favourite arcade game, Pacman air hockey, which I first discovered in Scarborough’s arcades about a month ago. It’s like regular air hockey but every thirty seconds lots of extra smaller pucks get dropped into the game and it’s just a manic fight with pucks flying everywhere! We played in teams and Millie and Jasmine won by just a few points (beginner’s luck!). After the arcades, we wandered right down to the end of the pier where all of the fairground rides are. It was so quiet in the winter and it was almost hard to imagine the place busy and filled with tourists in the summer as it felt a bit like a ghost town. Once we’d finished being big kids at the arcades we headed back to the train station to go back to Millie’s and be reunited with our other two Elfies ready for Vienna and Budapest!




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