A Night at The Opera

I can’t quite believe that it’s already been two weeks since I left the beautiful city of Vienna, where I stayed in Wombat’s Hostel with Beth, Jasmine, Millie and Roxy for an Elfie holiday. The hostel was really nice and was located on the edge of The Vienna Naschmarkt (Vienna’s best-known market) which is home to lots of cafes, restaurants, street food stalls, tea shops, clothing and jewellery stalls and so much more. We were told that if you can’t find what you’re looking for at the market you won’t find it anywhere in Vienna. Every time you walked through the market you would be given so many free samples of food like falafel, nuts, dried fruits and, my favourite, candied hibiscus flowers. You could go in there feeling hungry and leave feeling full without actually buying anything.

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A Day Beside The Seaside

As a pit stop between more exotic adventures, I spent a day in Brighton with Ashley, Jasmine and Millie before jetting off to Vienna for an Elfie holiday (more about that later). As it was raining in Brighton, we started the day with an early lunch at Foodilic, a healthy all you can eat buffet with so many vegetables! It was heaven for us girls but torture for Ashley! I was really impressed with the number of healthy, vegetarian and vegan food options in Brighton, both cafes and health food stores. I was feeling a little bit jealous that there’s nothing like that near where I live but then again it’s said that Brighton is the smaller seaside version of London so I should have expected it really!

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