Glacier Presena

The Presena Glacier is over 3000 metres high and, from the top, gives incredible views over the Italian ski resorts of Passo del Tonale and Ponte di Lengo as well as breathtaking views over the other side of the mountain. From the top of the glacier you can take a moment to appreciate the incredible views and then ski all the way down to the bottom of the mountain (ability permitting). I was lucky enough to spend the afternoon exploring the Presena Glacier, taking in the amazing views from the top of the mountain, skiing part of the way down (avoiding the black run!) and enjoying lunch outside in the sun. This incredible photograph was taken from the very top of the Presena Glacier, facing away from the ski resort.


The cable car runs the full height of the mountain with two stops in the middle to allow skiers to hop on and off depending on which run they want to do. It’s possible to ski all the way from the top to the bottom but a very steep looking black run makes up the final section so you can also hop back in the cable car for the return journey!

Half way up the glacier is a restaurant which overlooks a section of the mountain popular with climbers. I loved watching the climbers with spiky shoes and ice picks make their way up a steep section of ice. After skiing down the easy blue run in the bowl of the mountains, I ate lunch outside in the sun, coat off and shades on! Italy was definitely feeling a little warmer than Finland!


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