Being a Tourist in London

Last week was the first time in two years that I’ve found myself in London without summer school. I’m very familiar with some of the best known tourist sights in the capital but, when I’m in London with work, I don’t get much free time to see things that aren’t part of our itinerary. The majority of famous sights in the capital are included in the kids’ tour but there are a couple of things that I either hadn’t seen before or hadn’t seen for a long time. So, since I didn’t have sixty eight teenagers to keep an eye on, I spent the best part of a day wandering around a combination of my favourite places, sights I wanted to visit again and things I’d never had the chance to see before.

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Christmas and New Year in Lapland

It feels as though Christmas and New Year have flown by faster than a shooting star and, even though I’ve spent this festive period in Santa’s homeland, I’ve been feeling surprisingly un-Christmassy this year! The run up to Christmas was obviously the busiest time for us at work. It’s also been Christmas since November so, when the real thing finally rolled round, I barely noticed! The only reason I knew it was Christmas Eve is because my advent calendar ran out!

On the day before Christmas Eve, we did an epic scale Secret Santa with all thirty of the people living in our house. The rules were to buy one present, spending no more than €5 and to beg borrow or steal something else. My Secret Santa gave me a Finland rubber duck, which I loved, and a bobble hat he’d found while tidying up the suits and boots room! Creative begged borrowed or stolen gifts ranged from a French baguette to stolen socks!


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