Husky Cuddles and More Snowmobiling

Sometimes the days when you have a boring task or something that may seem like hard work can turn out to be the most fun. Shovelling snow might not be at the top of your list of fun jobs to do but after countless days of wrapping presents and long hours in a stuffy cabin it was refreshing to be outdoors again doing some real work. Nine of us headed out to repair the lumps and bumps in the snowmobile tracks at Marjavaara to make it smoother for the sleigh. Shovelling snow onto the tracks is tiring work but being out with the team is fun and it doesn’t take long if everyone puts in a little bit of hard work. There’s even time for a bit of messing about having sleigh rides on shovels and throwing snow at each other.

After only four out of eight hours in Marjavaara all the work was done but the earliest lift home we could get was going to be another three hours, so, as you do with free time in Marjavaara, we went snowmobiling again. We took different tracks this time to work our way down the hill away from the site. The track we took this time seemed longer and there weren’t as many open stretches for getting speed up but plenty of opportunities to practice cornering with speed.

After the snowmobile safari, there were still two hours of free time to fill in so we decided to make the long walk down to the husky farm to meet the puppies. The husky puppies were so lively and jumpy when we arrived, they seemed as excited to see us as we were to see them. We met seven two month old puppies and four much bigger three month old puppies. The size difference between the puppies who were only one and a half months difference in age was mind blowing. One of the older puppies had the most amazing bluey grey eyes and all of the puppies had different coloured fur. The smaller puppies were all brothers and sisters and I got a cuddle with one of the little ones. They are all so cute, but a little smelly!


So in the end, our day was very long, busy and filled with hard work but also great fun and we got to meet the puppies which we have been waiting to do for over a month! Never judge a day by the rota!


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