Walking in a Winter Wonderland

I’ve now been living in the arctic circle for a month but I still act like a child whenever it snows. The snow in Lapland is now knee-deep in places and hilariously difficult to walk in when you’re away from the tracks! The resort is now fully operational and we are regularly performing our elf show and spending days meeting children in Santa’s cabin in Marjavvaara. Every time we are in Marjavaara we get taken to our cabin in a sleigh, life in Lapland is truly magical. It’s amazing to see the kids believing in Santa and the magic of Christmas and to be able to spread Christmas cheer. I will never forget the first child I met outside Santa’s cabin, it was as much of a magical experience for me as it is for the children.

Now that the guests are here it’s a little more complicated to go on excursions as we can’t be seen out of character by any children. Fortunately, we were able to go on an evening forest trek last week to try and see the northern lights. A candle lit forest path led us up to a fire at the top of a hill where we sat around the fire and drank gloggi. Gloggi is a sweet, fruity and cinnamony hot drink. From a viewing point at the top of the hill, the northern lights were faintly visible but they didn’t appear for very long and they weren’t as good as the first time I saw them. The northern lights should (in theory) be visible pretty much every other day. However, this is only true when the sky is clear and over the last month it has been consistently cloudy.

At the end of a Marjavaara day last week our lift home wasn’t due until an hour after the guests left so our awesome boss let us do the snowmobile safari that the guests do while we are busy in the cabin. It was really fun to drive a snowmobile along the narrow, winding forest tracks. The speed didn’t go above 30mph but it felt faster than the same speed in a car!



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