The Northern Lights

In theory, it’s possible for the Northern Lights to be out every other day as long as the sky is clear. In reality, I’ve been living in the arctic circle for seven weeks, I’ve seen the lights around ten times and only three times have been really good, so when they do appear it’s still as exciting for us as it is for the guests. Every day there is a forecast for the Northern Lights, similar to a weather forecast, which uses a numbered scale to predict the chances of a good light show. There have been a few days with a forecast of 5 which, providing that the sky is clear, is very good, but it’s often ended up cloudy in the evening and we haven’t seen anything. Then there have been other days when they appear in the sky when you are least expecting them.

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Husky Cuddles and More Snowmobiling

Sometimes the days when you have a boring task or something that may seem like hard work can turn out to be the most fun. Shovelling snow might not be at the top of your list of fun jobs to do but after countless days of wrapping presents and long hours in a stuffy cabin it was refreshing to be outdoors again doing some real work. Nine of us headed out to repair the lumps and bumps in the snowmobile tracks at Marjavaara to make it smoother for the sleigh. Shovelling snow onto the tracks is tiring work but being out with the team is fun and it doesn’t take long if everyone puts in a little bit of hard work. There’s even time for a bit of messing about having sleigh rides on shovels and throwing snow at each other.

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Walking in a Winter Wonderland

I’ve now been living in the arctic circle for a month but I still act like a child whenever it snows. The snow in Lapland is now knee-deep in places and hilariously difficult to walk in when you’re away from the tracks! The resort is now fully operational and we are regularly performing our elf show and spending days meeting children in Santa’s cabin in Marjavvaara. Every time we are in Marjavaara we get taken to our cabin in a sleigh, life in Lapland is truly magical. It’s amazing to see the kids believing in Santa and the magic of Christmas and to be able to spread Christmas cheer. I will never forget the first child I met outside Santa’s cabin, it was as much of a magical experience for me as it is for the children.

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